In the new Pulse Taastrup we can now put these attractive retail units for rent. The building will in the nearest future be home to many students.

The students and their visitors will frequently be using the surrounding shops and facilities, which makes them potential customers. At the same time, the building has an attractive location next to Taastrup Station and in walking distance to the main street.


147-1,790 m²
DKK 1.200-1.500 per m²

Nørregade 27B

Centrally located in Nørregade with the possibility of parking in the yard. Inside, the lease contains a regular sales room with a partial shop facade towards Nørregade and the gate to the courtyard.

The neighboring tenant is AUBO kitchen.

Access to the 1st floor which, for example, can be used as administration or included as a sales room. At the back of the lease there is a personnel department with kitchen, toilet and lunch room as well as additional space that may be suitable for storage or packing room for webshop. There is also access to storage in the basement with internal staircase from the lease.

The lease can be renovated by the landlord according to agreement between the tenant and landlord.

445 m²
DKK 600 pr. m²

Omøvej 2-26

On the corner of Blegdammen and Omøvej, you will find this property with a variety of different premises.

The property is located in the habour area of Næstved, where many companies are located. It is an area which is especially known for housing entrepreneurs and small businesses.

On this location, you will get a broad spectrum of neighbours, among others a martial arts center, Dan Church Aid and a yoga studio.


125 m² - 600 m²
DKK 6,771 - DKK 20,000

Nice, bright office space in distinctively placed building in the Copenhagen’s Northwest quarter. The building is classic for the neighbourhood and furbished for offices. The other tenants in the building are WWF, Copenhagen Municipality and NCC group.

The office is 502 m2 and has direct access to a private terrace of 194 m2.

You have access to the office via an elegant and bright entrance with high ceilings. You can reach the office on the 4th floor either by elevator or by stairs.

Today the premises are used by the owner of the building who is planning to move to another of their properties. Therefore the takeover can be flexible.

The property has its own parking basement where you can rent parking spots for 1,500 kr. pr. month. From the parking basement there are direct access to the office floors.

502 m2 office with 194 m2 terrace
DKK 70,833 pr month

Jernbanegade 6B

Centrally located office by the Roskilde Station, within walking distance to shops and cafes.

The office located on the first floor and consists of four smaller private offices and three larger open spaces. There is also small kitchen,two bathrooms and private roof terrace. Condition of the office is very good, with nice floors, beams and a lot of windows that provide good light into the unit.

There are two parking spots in the yard available for rent.

278 m²
DKK 271.050

Nørregade 13-19

The offices are located on the 2nd floor of Ringsted Centret, central in Ringsted both close to the station and the shopping streets. Accessing the building is easy by public transport and by car via the main road.

There are 3 available offices which are located on the same floor. This gives the opportunity to connect two or more offices to create more space.


51 - 202 m²
DKK 700 pr. m² p.a.

Birkemose Allé 23-35

Birkemose Allé has an attractive location with easy access to highways E20 and E45. This makes the property easy to reach by car, and at the same time the buildings have great parking opportunities.

Other tenants in the building are Bygningsstyrelsen, Unit IT, Stender Entreprise A/S, Beckhoff Automation, Fiftytwo og Nordic Power Trading Fund.

All the offices has a good light and with a view to the green surroundings outside.

There is good acoustics in the office areas, as well as the possibility of splitting up the offices.

Both by car and bus, the city center of Kolding is only 15 minutes away.

213-690 m²
DKK 850 per m² p.a.


Attractive retail unit located in Ro’s Have. The premises are today occupied by Sport24, who are vacating in October 2020.

The unit is located furthest toward the access road, Byageren, which gives it good visibility for passersby.

Ro’s Have is centrally located in Roskilde, right next to the shopping center Ro’s Torv . The location is easily accessible by both car and public transport



936 m²

Østergade 30

Elegant office rentals with a central location only 150 meters from the train station. Panoramic view of Struer bay and harbour.

212 m² - 304 m²
From 5,700 per month

København NV
Hejrevej 26-28

The rental unit is located in Copenhagen’s North West neighbourhood close to Nørrebro Station As it appears on the floorplans the rental unit is divided in several smaller rooms, which today is used for offices and lecture rooms. However, it is possible to reconfigure the space and adjust the specifications to the individual tenant’s needs.

The building is a classic North West- property and was earlier used for industry. Today the entire property is refurbished with offices for tenants from various business areas.

In the fall of 2019 the new metroline opened with a stop at Nørrebro Station, which has helped to connect North West even more to the rest of the city. At the same time, North West is located close to the O2 and the Hillerød highway, which makes it easy to access with car.

716 m² and 782 m²

Loftbrovej 17

The lease has previously housed a tire center and has good visibility and accessibility from the parking lot. The lease is located in Nørresundby close to the highway, which makes it easy to get to and from the location by car. At the same time, there are multiple busstops close to the clear, which makes it possible to travel by public transportation. Coolshop, Jysk and Kvickly is located closely to the lease.

598 m²
DKK 32.392 pr month

Nørregade 13 - 19

The shop rentals are nicely located in Ringsted Centret by Nørregad close to suburbs and shopping and therefore has good visibility for bypasser in the centre. The lease has good accessibility by town centre and main road.

There is also the possibility of letting associated storage units based on the individual tenants need for storage space.

55 m² - 300 m²
DKK 3,666.66 - DKK 20,000

Jernbanegade 35

Office rental placed in the centre of Kolding, a few hundred meters from the railway station following the pedestrian network. There is access to the lease from a presentable entrance on Jernbanegade. The whole office rental appears very presentable and modern. The lease also has good accessibility from motorway, road and city centre.

The office at ground floor is very suitable for showroom etc.

Office and showroom
177 and 325 m²

Lilleholm 1

The shop rentals are placed in Greve’s Mosede Center close to a large suburban area in the middle of Greve’s Mosede neighbourhood. The leases are amongst other things, placed next to a larger parking lot, Netto and a church which provides the leases with good visibility to bypassers in the area.

Among the other tenants you will find Netto, a pizzeria and a chinese restaurant. Also located in the Mosede Centret is a doctor, hairdresser and an accountant. Specially Netto is providing the Mosede Centret with potentially customers to Mosede Centret.

85 m²
DKK 10,625 per month

Stagehøjvej 22

The property is located in an area called the “Business Corridor”, from which there is a short distance to the Silkeborg highway’s approaches to both Herning and Aarhus.

The property consists of 2 connected buildings, where one is a large warehouse.

It is possible to do refurbish the warehouse part of the building to other uses, e.g. car exhibition with workshop, storage hotel or showroom in combination with offices.

2,845 m2
DKK 94,833 per month

Dannebrogsgade 2

The offices are located in Dannebrogsgade in central Odense. They are in walking distance from the station there is a possibility of acquiring parking spaces as well.

500 m2 - 25,000 m2
Prices from DKK 1,000 pr sqm

Silkeborgvej 102

Shop for rent in an attractive area right across from Herning Centre. The highway is nearby and the shop is easily accessible by car.

The premises contain a large retail area at 1,335 m2 and underneath 764 m2 of personnel facilities, storage space and offices.

2,099 m² shop (incl. 764 m² personnel facilities)
DKK 1,624,200 per month

Jernbanegade 35A

Refurnished studio housing close to both the pedestrian street, the train station and the harbour. 8 students share kitchen and bath. You pay to use the washing machine. All rooms are furnished for one person. You need to have a valid student card to be a tenant.

16 - 25 m²
DKK 3,200 - 4,200 per month

Svendborgvej 275

Highly presentable and well-located boxshop offered for rent. The shop is located on a busy road close to the highway exit. The property is constructed in light concrete elements with large facade sections from floor to ceiling. Port access for delivery on the side of property.

The building consists of totally 2,000 m2, distributed on a large area suitable for a shop or showroom and a storage part. They are partially connected and the wall between them are not loadbearing and can thus be changed after individual needs.

The ceiling height is 4.4 meters under the concrete rafters. The floor is covered in linoleum in the storage, while the shop consists of part linoleum and carpet tiles.

The existing layout consists of two offices/meeting rooms, a lunch area, technical room and toilets. Above the offices there’s a build in loft for light storage.

A 4×4 meter aluminium roller door gives access to the storage part.

The outdoor area is asphalted and has markings for app. 60 parking spots.

The buildings facade is visible towards the busy Svendborgvej, where many cars pass each day. Here’s also bus connection to Odense Center.

2000 m²
DKK 112,500 per month

Møllergade 1

Apartments in the building placed in the corner of Møllergade and Gerritsgade.

Light and beautiful apartments with wooden floor. There is access to the common terrace from the courtyard entrance.

106 m²
DKK 8,000 per month

Jernbanegade 33-35

Apartments for rent in the centre of Kolding. Close to the pedestrian street, the train station and the harbour. The property was built in 1904 and has 13 apartments, studio housing (8 rooms) and retail on the ground floor.

84 - 110 m²
DKK 7,000 - DKK 9,200 per month

Immerkær 27

Storage rooms in the basement below Rebæk Søpark, where you have direct access with vehicles. Several has own heating and a toilet.

The small shopping center is located between Rødovre and Hvidovre close to the train station in Rødvre. It is close to residential areas. The main tenants are Lidl, Skousen, a local supermarket and a big furniture store.

11 - 764 m²
From DKK 565 dkk/m²

Silkeborgvej 102

Tenancies situated on the main gateway to Herning just opposite the entrance of Herning Centret. Free parking – shared with the other tenants, Golf Experten and Petworld, – placed right outside the property.

The offices are on the first floor. Admittance by both elevator and staircase.

86 - 431 m²
DKK 375 per sqm

Omøvej 9

The tenancies are very different, but all have much daylight and have recently been refurbished. The common areas are also refurbished and have new doors and windows

The property is close to Næstved Horbour – an area developing rapidly. The development will continue in the coming years and make the area even more attractive to establish your business. The area is wellknown for small offices and storage rooms and has a good environment for starts-ups

Shared small kitchen, lunch room and toilets

Parking available in front of the building.

60 m² - 123 m²
From DKK 2,000 per month

Østergade 30

Elegant apartments with a central location only 150 meters from the train station. Panoramic view of Struer bay and harbour.

150 m² - 192 m²
DKK 5.042 - DKK 7.000 per month

Kirsebærgården 4

The office has two separate rooms with own entrance. Free parking and joint kitchen and toilet facilities.
The property is situated in a residential area close to the city hall and a high school
Park Street Nordicom owns the first floor with a bowling center and offices. There is a supermarket on the ground floor

95 m²
DKK 5,305 per month

København S
J.C. Christensens Gade 5 B

Parking spaces in a locked basement on Islands Brygge.

DKK 1,200 per month